In her role as Senior Director, Judy provides strategic direction and drives LAEDC’s work of building key industry clusters of the region in which our region has global competitive advantage and opportunity to create jobs.  She operates LAEDC’s industry councils convening experts on topics such as innovative technology and market growth.  She also works on targeted business-focused public policy and other strategic market growth initiatives garnering support from key corporate and government stakeholders in the LA County.

After joining LAEDC, Judy created a new regional program, California SmartMatch, a B2B matchmaking service assisting large companies find new and innovative suppliers.  California SmartMatch is also used to assist new technology companies find a path to market through a roundtable of experts.

Past experienced include, leading efforts in national and international economic development. Judy has targeted, launched, and successfully implemented sizeable programs in a variety of industries. In her most recent positions as a business consultant, sales, and strategic planner, she has worked closely with U.S. and foreign companies seeking to grow business in U.S., Mexico, Canada, Europe, Asia, South America, and Cuba.  As the Vice President of Sales for Grupo Prodensa, Judy implemented the firm’s foreign investment, marketing and sales strategy.

In addition, Judy served as the Strategic Planner and Business Development Manager at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. In that role, she led the aerospace and defense sales focus for the state, coordinating development and advocacy with local, state, congressional, and governors’ offices. Her responsibilities also included working with companies and prime contractors researching, identifying, and building growth markets, new opportunities and key partnerships.

Judy received a Juris Doctor from Western Michigan Cooley Law School and a Bachelors of Arts in English Literature from Grand Valley State University.

Contact:  [email protected]