The LAEDC Bioscience Council is a network of LA Basin-based leaders from the region’s Biopharmaceutical and Medical Device industry clusters (taken together, “Bioscience”) dedicated to creating a vibrant life sciences ecosystem, from basic research to product commercialization, with an emphasis on cultivating, recruiting, and retaining the industry-specific workforce in the region.  LAEDC is fostering growth of the businesses and the jobs in this growing industry cluster.

Bioscience Council Goals

  1. Identify key regional bio-related productive advantages and gaps, with specific focus on the labor input at all phases along the product development cycle.
  2. Based on the prioritization of findings under number 1, activate industry capacity building recommendations identified in the bioscience implementation plan commissioned by the County of Los Angeles.
  3. Develop and execute cost-effective strategies to promote the region to foreign and domestic bioscience researchers, entrepreneurs, capital providers, buy- and sell-side analysts, and firm and other industry location decision makers
  4. Connect industry firms with talent development institutions to ensure meaningful firm participation in the development of industry-driven career education, Associate and Bachelor’s degree, and other workforce training programs and curricula.
  5. Advocate for public policies, incentives, procurement opportunities, regulations and laws at the local, state and federal levels that support and strengthen the LA Basin’s bioscience ecosystem and industry.

Join the LAEDC Bioscience Council

To join LAEDC’s Bioscience Council, please email Isabel Duran  [email protected]  You will be notified of council events, public policy calls-to-action, and business opportunities.

Membership and Contact info

Members of the LAEDC Bioscience Council are industry executives involved in work with lifescience and bioscience, based in the Greater Los Angeles region.  To engage with the council, please contact Jessica Ku Kim at LAEDC, at [email protected]  Isabel Duran, LAEDC Administrative Manager is also a resource at [email protected].

For media inquiries, please contact Lawren Markle at [email protected]