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CA Greenlights Fully Autonomous Cars

In a move that will bolster the region’s advanced transportation industry, State of California will allow fully autonomous cars without safety drivers to test on public roads for the first … Continued

LAEDC publishes Economic Forecast 2018-2019

LAEDC’s Institute for Applied Economics has published the annual LAEDC Economic Forecast, covering years 2018-2019, with a focus on California and Los Angeles County.  About 500 attendees joined LAEDC for the report’s release, and heard from numerous expert speakers, including a panel discussing solutions to the shrinking middle class.

“See Arcadia. Above & Beyond”

“See Arcadia. Above & Beyond.”  That is the motto which spurred both vision and action in Arcadia, leading to the City’s recognition as the “Most Business Friendly City” of 2017 at LAEDC’s … Continued

LAEDC Success Story

LAEDC Success Story – Coffee Roasters, Altadena Unincorporated Coffee Roasters was established in 2013 to serve the local coffee community and local Los Angeles business owners. They have served LA … Continued

Antonio Villaraigosa Speaks with LAEDC Members

Gubernatorial candidate Antonio Villaraigosa exchanged ideas with civic stewards at LAEDC’s Board of Governors meeting on January 17th, 2018.  Pictured with LAEDC Chair Jodie Lesh, the former Mayor of City … Continued