BOLD is led by eight individuals who know Los Angeles, and they know how to create. They were chosen for their expertise in, among other things, marketing, manufacturing, real estate, education, business attraction; as well as private, public and regional economic development.

The team works directly with industry leaders in order to understand labor needs and then provides its market intelligence with education, training, and job placement efforts in the Los Angeles region. It also gathers data and referrals from educators and workers and supplies that to employers. Think of BOLD as a means to conduct and deliver information for efficient economic development.

1.Define the educational attainment and paths to required training for the workforce of Los Angeles.
4.Maintain an in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of distinct industries' trends and challenges.
2.Contact and purposefully engage companies to determine hiring needs, skills gaps, and training opportunities.
5. Staff industry councils to foster personal engagement and comprehensive input.
3.Coordinate intelligence among trainers, job placement experts, and city and county work development bureaus.
6.Create monthly and yearly reports to share data such as targeted employer outreach in-demand trends, forecasted hiring needs, training referrals,placement referrals, etc.


Los Angeles County has ten million residents and a civilian labor force of over five million.  According to research done by the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation, 350,000 new non-farm payroll jobs will have been added to the Los Angeles region between 2015 and 2020.  BOLD is directing the power of up-to-date industry data and tens of millions of dollars toward tempering the Los Angeles labor force for the cutting edge.  Motivated and trained, this is a force with national and global impact.  Making it here means making it for everywhere.

The workforce of a changing world is moving forward in Los Angeles.  Be bold. Contact us now.