It is the dawn of a new economy. The information age, where machines are getting smarter, is spurring unprecedented economic change. Manufacturing jobs, among others, are either being eliminated due to automation, or requirements that demand technical knowledge from the operators that exceed their level of training.

Human Cost

Fewer jobs mean increased social stresses. There’s a human cost in terms of support services that are needed for the unemployed, underemployed and working poor. Obviously, this puts a tremendous stress on the family. Livelihood goes to the core of what it means to be human, to provide security to those we love, and to have meaningful lives. Without some type of intervention, hope is lost.

LAEDC’s Impact

This is where the LAEDC, a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to advancing opportunity and prosperity for all, makes its impact. We believe L.A. County’s future prosperity is about our people. LAEDC is a vital champion in this new future we envision.

We work with leaders of industry, education and economy to see trends early, and put our energies where we can make a difference. LAEDC is a leader and collaborator, supporting and organizing targeted solutions by mobilizing the diverse resources in communities across our County.

And in fact, we’re taking a leadership role with businesses by supporting industry clusters that build out supply chains and feeder industries. These clusters are a virtuous cycle for sustainable job growth. We are in the business of nurturing and cultivating opportunity…for our future, and our children’s futures.

In our vision of the future, where innovation drives growth, the machine can be seen as an extension, not a threat. Up-skilling our workforce is key. LAEDC is truly a catalyst, fostering connections with the institutions, policy-makers, employers and community leaders that can lead us back into a hopeful future. Through strategic intervention, hope is regained.

And this comes home in the form of security, peace of mind, economic mobility—the American Dream. The results of these efforts are thriving vibrant communities, and a quality of life that we work hard for, and that we all deserve.

To sum it all up, our mission at LAEDC is about human fulfillment. We strive to ensure a bright, prosperous future for all. Interested in helping us achieve this future?

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The LAEDC believes in the Triple Bottom Line: economic strength, environmental sustainability and shared equity and prosperity.  In support of the Triple Bottom Line, LAEDC is a partner in the California Stewardship Network.