LAEDC was founded in 1981 as a public-benefit, private nonprofit to guide economic development and create more widely shared prosperity. LAEDC collaborates with all stakeholders in the Los Angeles County region — together we improve prosperity for our region’s people.

LAEDC is unique because we have an integrated set of programs to solve complex socioeconomic challenges.  We combine our economic research with industry programs, workforce development, business assistance, policy and more.  We champion an equitable, sustainable and resilient Los Angeles where more of our neighbors in LA County find good careers, where industries and employers succeed, where LA tackles global challenges and turns them into a jobs engine.

Because of our unique capabilities, we advance the LA Dream and deliver progress with policy proposals, programs, and small business saves.  Our objective guidance informs decision makers across the region with good data and policy ideas.  We bring together the different perspectives of business, labor, education and government, and convene leaders to collaboratively drive progress on economic issues that affect the future of LA’s people.


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The LAEDC believes in the Triple Bottom Line: economic strength, environmental sustainability and shared equity and prosperity.  In support of the Triple Bottom Line, LAEDC is a partner in the California Stewardship Network.