WorkingNation’s Art Bilger warns structural unemployment increasing due to automation

Jobs are disappearing in the U.S. due to the unprecedented pace of automation, leaving millions out of work, with the potential for structural unemployment to rise as high as 35% or more, according to LA-based WorkingNation, which is shedding light on this danger with storytelling and education, to help Americans understand the threat to existing jobs and the opportunity to act now to reskill a massive amount of workers for higher skill and higher technology jobs.

LA Stories with Giselle Fernandez interviewed Art Bilger, founder of WorkingNation this week for Spectrum 1 News SoCal. The video explores the need to learn about the job skills gap that is threatening to disrupt our economy, and Art Bilger recommends we collaboratively implement solutions quickly.


“Too many people think that when we have a vaccine, everyone is going back to work, and that’s not the case,” said Art Bilger.  “Before the pandemic there was a very significant skills gap in this country, with about 7 1/2 million unfilled jobs in the US.”   Art Bilger serves on the board of LAEDC, and we encourage you to watch this eye-opening video.

To engage with LAEDC on solutions to the workforce challenge before us, please contact Jessica Ku Kim, VP of Economic and Workforce Development at LAEDC.  To engage with LAEDC’s board more deeply and collaborate on strategy development and greater exchange of information, please contact Melissa Kham, VP of Strategic Relations.

Also visit the Center for a Competitive Workforce, a partnership of LAEDC and the community college system, which is studying the demand for skills and hiring in specific occupations, which helps inform and scale workforce development programs at community colleges and other workforce systems.

View LAEDC’s entire range of workforce development initiatives HERE.

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