Business recovery resources and capital – PPP is back, and more!

UPDATED 2/8/21 – Added LISC Small Business Grants – APPLY Feb 8-9.  If you operate a small business, this is the week to apply for NEW grants, forgivable loans, and other key resources that will restore your business.  In addition to the list below, LAEDC’s business assistance team is looking for businesses that need help, so we can offer no-cost, confidential assistance  as part of several programs LAEDC is delivering, aligned with our public-benefit mission.  LAEDC helps business avoid layoffs and overcome challenges, and we have a strong track record and award-winning team to help your business do just that. We have your back!  Email [email protected] or call 213-236-4839, and review our Community Connectory page with additional great resources.

Don’t hesitate to contact LAEDC to help keep your business running.  Email [email protected] for no-cost consulting and assistance.  Our nonprofit work is funded by various government organizations so there is no cost to businesses.

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