LAist highlights well-paying “Essential” jobs accessible quickly, and profiles LAEDC’s findings in CCW report

LAist (KPCC) wrote about workers transitioning to well-paying careers by utilizing the community college system, citing the workers in essential industries report published by Center for a Competitive Workforce (CCW).  LAEDC is a cofounder of that center along with the 19 community colleges in the LA County Basin.

The takeaway from the story is that many thousands of our unemployed workers in the Los Angeles region can quickly reskill, gain an industry-recognized credential or certificate, and shift into well-paying careers where significant hiring is anticipated.  This is an important pathway that can lift many people into family-supporting careers, especially those who have been laid off in hard-hit industries of Los Angeles, such as hospitality, accommodations, and others.

CCW, utilizing LAEDC’s Institute for Applied Economics has published a total of 16 reports on various big industries in LA County, identifying well-paying careers that are quickly accessible.  These reports help jobs seekers, but also college faculty who use the data to update and scale programs that provide the certificates and skills necessary to make a big career shift.  LAEDC does this work because we are pushing for outcomes of social mobility, family supporting careers, and equity for disadvantaged communities.  Because of the diverse makeup of the student body in the community college system, this partnership helps LAEDC address equity in a targeted way.

Read the LAist story here:

Frontline Jobs With A Living Wage In LA? Yep. Here Are 10: LAist


If you are interested in LAEDC’s work in Center for a Competitive Workforce, or Workforce Development, please engage with us to support this initiative, which is in its fifth year!  Contact Claire Anderson, [email protected]

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