Video: LA is at the center of renewable energy innovation – Bill Gross at VERDEXCHANGE

Idealab founder Bill Gross presented amazing breakthroughs in renewable energy and carbon sequestration at VERDEXCHANGE.  View the video here.

In this speech at VERDEXCHANGE, Bill Gross highlights new companies Energy Vault, Heliogen, and other technologies coming out of Idealab in Pasadena, one of LA’s top incubators of renewable energy concepts, giving LA global competitive advantage in a market that is growing exponentially.  Gross also describes the lessons he’s learned about the economics of solutions and Moore’s Law, iteration of ideas, and timing, essential to progress.

California is poised to create more technologies, services and IP to address climate change, which also creates jobs here in the Los Angeles region.  But these efforts — and the region’s renewable energy ecosystem of R&D, companies and talent — need support at all levels including public policy and investment, to ensure that this emerging sector of our regional economy grows rapidly, in the face of competition from many centers of innovation around the world.  To create the jobs, we need to maintain a competitive advantage.  And through this work, we will make meaningful progress in the fight against climate change.

Thanks to David Abel at VERDEXCHANGE for hosting the event for the 13th year, and partnering with LAEDC to advance the commercialization and adoption of sustainable technologies that address our planet’s most critical challenges.


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