Which industry does former Eddy Award Honoree Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong think will spark an evolution in modern news media?

Dr. Patrick Soon- Shiong, executive chairman for the Times and the California News Group, addresses the staff of the Los Angeles Times. (Mel Melcon/Los Angeles Times)

Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, is one of our region’s foremost thought leaders in energy, sustainability, medicine, and now media after becoming the Executive Chairman for the Times and California News Group in 2018.

As a result, he has brought game-changing revolutions to multiple different industries. Think of him a professional athlete who plays multiple sports. And plays them all hall-of-fame level.

Coincidentally, there is one emerging sport which Dr. Soon-Shiong thinks will become revolutionary it itself. In fact, it is core to his hopes of revitalizing the LA Times in a way similar to fellow entrepreneur Jeff Bezos’ presence as the Washington Post.

“We must start fighting for the 16-year-olds all the way to the 30-year-olds, because that hasn’t been our demographic,” Dr. Soon-Shiong told NiemanLab.

Dr. Soon-Shiong’s NantWorks holding company announced an investment in Daybreak Game Company, which will see Soon-Shiong take a controlling stake in the popular H1Z1 game, a one-player-versus-all predecessor to the breakaway hit Fortnite. (H1z1.com)

That sport is Esports, which could become a billion dollar industry in 2019 and one which Dr. Soon-Shiong thinks will become central to the evolution of modern news media.

Dr. Soon-Shiong, who was honored at the 2009 Eddy Awards and 2018 Select LA, also invested in Daybreak Game Company in 2018, which will see Soon-Shiong take a controlling stake in the popular H1Z1 game, “a one-player-versus-all predecessor to the breakaway hit Fortnite” according to the Post.

“The investment will also lead to the development of mobile versions of Daybreak games, as well as a next-generation game publishing platform,” says Noah Smith of the Washington Post.

As the co-inventor of over 50 issued U.S. patents, author of more than 100 scientific papers, founder of multiple publicly-traded, multi-billion dollar companies, and someone who has revolutionized treatment for the critically ill, there isn’t anything we doubt Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong can accomplish and are beyond excited for his next chapters with Media and Esports.

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