LAEDC Board Meeting Covers Legislation, AI’s Impact on Occupations, Ports and Tariffs, More

CEO Bill Allen welcomes LAEDC members
PwC’s Mike Quindazzi talk AI and its impact on jobs as we move forward

LAEDC’s board meeting of March 18th featured a discussion of Tariffs, Trump and Trade by LAEDC economist Dr. Somjita Mitra, a presentation about the Port of Long Beach by Dr. Noel Hacegaba, Managing Director of Commercial Operations and Chief Commercial Officer for the Port of Long Beach, as well as a presentation by PwC’s Mike Quindazzi on the future of AI and how it is changing the nature of work.


View Somjita Mitra’s slides here.

View Mike Quindazzi’s slides here.


Port of Long Beach’s Dr. Noel Hacegaba talks about the massive growth the port anticipates

There was also a discussion of pending legislation in Sacramento that impacts the Los Angeles economy.  LAEDC has created a new page on its website to help interested stakeholders track and take action on legislation.  From time-to-time, the LAEDC, as the economic development leadership organization for this nation-sized economic region, takes public positions on legislative, administrative law and regulatory matters affect our mission to advance opportunity and prosperity for LA County’s communities and residents. But, success doesn’t come from going it alone, and so we strongly encourage you too to take action on these important matters by calling or emailing the listed legislative officials and offices.

View the new Advocacy page here:

VP, Operations of Phase Four, Jason Wallace, Talks about how LAEDC’s Business Assistance team helped his company.

Deane Leavenworth joined the LAEDC as a member, on behalf of his new firm Leavenworth Endeavors, which specializes in public affairs and government relations.

John Carver, Deputy Executive Director of LA World Airports talked about LAWA’s LAEDC membership and the great things happening at LAX.

Photo credit: Pablo Martinez, LAEDC intern

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