Next Wave of Ridesharing Platforms, Related Business, Explored by e4 Mobility Alliance

LAEDC’s e4 Mobility Alliance brought together businesses with agencies involved in advanced transportation, to explore project and procurement opportunities in LA’s fast evolving ridesharing category.  Many of the local businesses were pleased to hear from LA Metro and LADOT regarding the best ways to work with the agencies on new mobility solutions including ridesharing.

Based on the startup presentations and conversations, it is clear that there is significant change coming to ridesharing in LA, with opportunities for local industry to engage and succeed.  Three panels discussed ridesharing platforms and emerging services; in vehicles, bikes and electric scooters, and a panel was dedicated to procurement.  Through these regular meetings, the e4 Mobility Alliance fosters growth of the advanced transportation industry cluster in Los Angeles County, with the ultimate goal of creating well-paying jobs as businesses locate, grow and hire in the region.  Connecting businesses in matchmaking events is an increasing priority for Judy Kruger, LAEDC’s director of industry development.

Forbes Magazine senior editor of future mobility, Alan Ohnsman moderated the panels, which included executives from Uber, LA Metro, LADOT, Blue LA, Cyclehop, Envoy City, Urb-e, and others.

If your business is part of the advanced transportation industry in LA County, please contact Judy Kruger at LAEDC to learn more about supplier matchmaking, public policy advocacy, and other strategic assistance available from e4 Mobility Alliance to help businesses succeed.


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