Los Angeles Selected as Finalist by Amazon in Bid for HQ2

LAEDC Attracting Amazon

Amazon has announced that Los Angeles is one of the 20 finalist locations for the company’s HQ2 headquarters.  Submitted in October 2017, the proposal for the Greater Los Angeles region encompassed numerous attractive sites from throughout LA County, and was prepared by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) at the request of then Chairman of the Board of the LA County Board of Supervisors, Mark Ridley-Thomas.  LAEDC worked collaboratively with the input and participation of many public and private sector leaders in our region to produce the proposal.

Being selected as a finalist helps reaffirm the value of locating in LA County, with its unique and compelling advantages, and illustrates how our region works together to develop opportunities for our residents.

Bill Allen, CEO of LAEDC commented,

“We are thrilled that Amazon has selected Los Angeles County as one of the 20 finalist locations for HQ2. Our proposal highlighted LA’s large and highly educated talent pool and our unparalleled education pipeline, logistics infrastructure, transit connectivity, global connectedness, quality of life and cultural fit with Amazon. We look forward to working with Amazon in this next phase of their site selection process as they delve deeper into the benefits of locating their HQ2 in the LA region.

As we move into this second round of the competition, the LAEDC continues to have and appreciate the full cooperation of California Governor Jerry Brown, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, City of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and his staff and the mayors and city managers of each city in the region with a site meeting or exceeding Amazon’s requirements, as well as an extraordinary array of site owners, higher education institutions, private sector leaders, government agencies and utilities necessary to address each of the RFP’s requirements.

We are grateful to Amazon for inviting us into this second round of their competition and we want them to know we are in it to win it.”

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