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InnovateLA 2017 Recap: Changing the Dialogue About Los Angeles

By January 9, 2018 One Comment

One Comment

  • I am from Egypt ,Africa is a continent where there are many wealth, but unfortunately there are no bright ways to travel long distances to exploit these wealth to open new areas of work for the peoples of this continent so that people do not have to migrate illegally for that :
    All international organizations responsible for the preservation of people’s lives and the progress of mankind, such as the United Nations, the W. H. O. and the World Bank, must assume their practical responsibility to implement all actions that contribute to the reduction of road accidents based on the decision by all countries to reduce road accidents by 50% until the year 2020 especially since there are only two years left to prove its credibility to implement the decisions issued by it, and not only to issue declarations and slogans without the implementation of real actions on the ground,
    We would like to cooperate in the implementation of works that have an effective impact, such as the development of the night lighting system in all vehicles, since there has been no development of the place of installation of the center of glare and dazzle (searchlights and powerful lamps) in the introduction only since the invention of the first car.
    To think about other active actions because it is not possible to dispense with the night lights in all cases
    We do not wait until the system of automatic command is applied, the smart car must needs its own methods because it is slow. It will be crowded with roads that do not tolerate the current increase in the number of vehicles. This requires a high material cost that cannot be afforded by all countries. “Ethical responsibility imposes on us the search for an immediate solution to the problem of lighting because the lives of people cannot bear the tests” It is also important to develop the night lighting system for all vehicles by preventing the interference of vision and reduce the spread of light pollution,
    The to date has not proved the practical feasibility of driving for smart car in terms of speed and time and all people do needs tens of years to prove its usefulness most important for smart car
    Also use lighting at any sudden failure of the control devices for smart car especially that they are expensive and cannot be repaired or easily changed by all people and also to reduce the environmental lighting pollution
    In any case, night lighting must be used. Vehicles shall use the same lighting equipment without interference to see others in order not to collide with the vehicle if it stops on the road for any reason.
    I think it is more important now to cooperate on the implementation of (Extra Spotlights through Xenon, Laser or LED Lamps with Optical fiber, To prevent blurring of vision) Innovation For all vehicles to develop the night-lighting system for the speed of stopping the killing of anyone can happen now. We are only busy searching for the feasibility of using the automatic vehicle.
    Also most important problem in the night lighting system used now all vehicles is one of the important reasons for the spread of light pollution to the environment, the intended optical pollution damage caused by non-natural lighting at night and the impact of sky darkness and effects of artificial light at night birds and animals, plants and fungi environmental regulations and the high temperature of the earth, as well as nets and fixed effects on human health.

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