Demographic Snapshots for LA County’s Five Districts

Want to see how the five districts in LA County compare on employment, household income, educational attainment, and more?  Below, link to the PDF file that provides these useful infographics for each district.

Download the demographic snapshot HERE.


For comparison, here are the averages for LA County in its entirety:

Los Angeles County 
Population, in millions 10.15
Median Age 35.4
Residents of Hispanic Origin 47.7%
Per Capita Income $28,565
Residents Employed 4,658,953
 Educational Attainment
<High School 22.2%
High School 20.8%
AA, Some College 26.1%
BA College Degree 20.0%
Prof/Grad Degree 11.0%
Households 3,321,508
Households below the poverty line 16.9%
Median Household income $57,190
>$150K 15.6%
$100K-$150K 16.4%
$75K-$100K 12.5%
$50K-$75K 14.1%
$25K-$50K 19.3%
<$25K 22.0%
Jobs 3,868,109
Jobs/Population ratio 0.38
80.7% of all jobs in the County are held by residents of the County 80.7%
Jobs By Sector
Utilities 0.8%
Construction 3.0%
Other 3.6%
Government 4.1%
Transportation/Warehousing 4.1%
Information 5.3%
Financial Activities 5.7%
Wholesale Trade 5.9%
Manufacturing 9.0%
Leisure/Hospitality 10.4%
Retail Trade 10.4%
Prof/Business Services 15.4%
Education/Health 22.3%


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