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Community Colleges and Industry: Collaborating

By November 22, 2016 No Comments

This new video shows how manufacturers can work with a community college to give grads in-demand skills, and establish a direct path to employment.  This type of collaboration helps local industry overcome skills gaps they see in the local workforce, and provides students with a high percentage of placement success and career pathways.  While this video is from another region of the U.S., these programs work in Los Angeles too.

According to “Over the next decade, 2 million manufacturing jobs will go unfilled. Even as our nation strives to get people back to work, a lack of trained workers—often those with trade and technical skills—leaves most manufacturing companies scrambling for talent.”  When colleges work with manufacturers and industry to train for specific skills, things change for the better.

Thanks to LAEDC’s content partner Working Nation for producing this video, and drawing attention to the importance of adapting to innovation that is changing skills requirements for the jobs of today and tomorrow.


Be a part of the solution:  If your business is having challenges finding qualified job applicants, you can work with our region’s community colleges to prepare our workforce with the right skills.  Learn more HERE.

Watch the Video

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