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USC students provide recommendations for 2016-2020 L.A. County Strategic Plan for Economic Development

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Captone team_webAs a 2016 graduate capstone research project for the USC Price School of Public Policy, masters candidates Wendy Chung, Qi Hao, Cliff Massey, Ming Xie and Yixuan Wang researched and created implementation strategies for the 2016-2020 L.A. County Strategic Plan for Economic Development.  This project exemplifies the spirit of collaboration that sets the foundation for the Strategic Plan, and LAEDC was pleased and grateful to engage with this talented team to make progress on the discussion of implementation.

For their research project, the students assessed the Plan itself and LAEDC’s approach to implementation.  The assessment includes a SWOT analysis, comparison of the strategic plan to other strategic plans done by other cities, and it defines and determines success measures and recommends a strategy for implementation.

Of course, LAEDC is not the sole “implementer,” because by nature the Strategic Plan is a regional consensus document developed to foster collaborative, collective action by many stakeholders.  LAEDC does hope to play a strong role in facilitating and coordinating implementation, and the USC recommendations were welcomed by CEO Bill Allen as LAEDC assesses its resources to serve in this capacity.

From their findings, the USC graduate students made the following recommendations:

1. Create a Steering Committee for Implementation

2. Leverage/Re-Tool Existing LAEDC Committees

3. Outline the LAEDC’s Role as Facilitator, Expert & Recorder

4. Engage External Engagement Tools

  • Strategic Plan Website
  • Host Motivational Events
  • Create a Stakeholder Toolkit
  • Create a Marketing Plan for the Strategic Plan
  • Conduct an Initial Outreach Survey

5. Metrics Feedback & Recommendations

For a copy of the Engaging the Success: Implementation of the LA County Strategic Plan for Economic Development 2016-2020 Report, please click here.

In addition to creating the research report, the students had to give a presentation of the their findings to industry experts, USC Faculty, LAEDC and their classmates.

For a copy of the presentation – please click here. 


Special thanks to University of Southern California Sol Price School of Public Policy, and to Don Morgan who oversees select capstone projects at USC.


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