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Celebrate Manufacturing Day in Los Angeles County

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Francisco Palop, Vice President of Manufacturing, US Pole

October 2nd is National Manufacturing Day.  One of the manufacturers participating in Manufacturing Day in LA County is US Pole, a leading manufacturer of exterior lighting fixtures that produces all its product at its 105,000 sq. ft. facility in Palmdale, California.

US Pole is opening its doors for a tour to a group of High School students from the Palmdale High School “Falcon Academy of Sustainable Technologies”

Per Francisco Palop, Vice President of Manufacturing at US Pole,

“Our employees are very excited to host the students from Palmdale High School “Falcon Academy of Sustainable Technologies” as part of LA County’s Manufacturing day. This is a way for all of us to show the manufacturing capabilities that exist in the United States and all the skills required to make outdoor lighting fixtures. They will get to see technology through the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD), LED lighting, manufacturing talent through the creation of metal casted parts, soldering and grinding and most importantly, team work.”

Students will be shown US Pole’s Foundry, CNC operation, Sheet Metal Manufacturing, Pole Fabrication and LED Assembly.

US Pole is committed to encouraging youth in the community to stay in school, to drive towards higher levels of education and to focus on U.S. based manufacturing.

In addition to US Pole, please help us celebrate Manufacturing Day by participating in one of the following events posted on Innovate.LA. Manufacturing Day is a part of LA Innovation Week(s).

LAEDC/CMTC Webinar – Manufacturing Incentives, Credits, and Resources

Wednesday, October 2, 2015 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm

If you cannot attend a Manufacturing Day event but want to participate, please feel free to join LAEDC and CMTC’s “Lunch and Learn” Webinar, Manufacturing Incentives, Credits, and Resources. 

Participants can learn about the many resources that are available to help manufacturers succeed in the LA County region.  The webinar is free, and we request that you RSVP below.

Click here to RSVP. 


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