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Panel To Explore Development & Deployment of Driverless Vehicles in LA

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Autonomous Vehicles Coming to LA

Panel Explores Existing and Planned Development & Deployment



SANTA MONICA (September 2, 2015) – The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation’s (LAEDC’s) e4Mobility Alliance is holding an interactive panel, From Research to Reality: Deploying Autonomous Vehicles, at the Alt Car Expo on September 18 from 1:15-2:15 PM. The panel, moderated by Tom Paige of Urban Systems Laboratories, will bring autonomous vehicles from purely a theoretical classroom and laboratory context to what can—and is—being done to advance connected, integrated, and autonomous vehicles and related infrastructure in Los Angeles.

Confirmed panelists include Aravind Kailas, Volvo Group; Alan Clelland, ITS; Geoff Wardle, Art Center; and Naveen Berry, South Coast Air Quality Management District. Remarks will be given by California’s 50th District Assemblymember Richard Bloom, and 26th District Senator Ben Allen.

Senator Allen, who serves on the state’s Transportation and Housing committee, and the Select Committee on Ports and Goods Movement commented, “there is a tremendous opportunity for policymakers and leaders in innovation to come together and formulate ways to develop creative transportation solutions, like autonomous cars, into a reality. I am happy to be a part of this meaningful discussion at the Alt Car Expo.”

Moderator Tom Paige, Urban Systems Laboratories, commented that “the advent of autonomous vehicle technology has captured the popular imagination and has opened our eyes to the possibility of revolutionary changes in how our urban areas are designed and operated.”  Paige added, “certain fundamental questions still need to be answered, including what will it take to bridge the gap between concept and reality? And will development occur strictly through market forces or are we about to embark on an unprecedented public-private development effort that will literally transform our cities?” The panel at AltCar will try to address both of these questions.

“We – at the LAEDC – believe Los Angeles has all of the ingredients necessary to be the epicenter for advanced transportation technology both in development as well as in deployment,” said David Flaks, LAEDC, Chief Operating Officer. Flaks continued, “Key among all of this is autonomous vehicles and what driverless cars mean in goods movement applications, user experience, livable communities, and infrastructure.”

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ABOUT e4Mobility Alliance:

The LAEDC e4Mobility Alliance’s mission is to promote and further develop Southern California as the leader in advanced transportation including maximizing plug-in electric, natural gas and fuel cell vehicle adoption rates; fleet conversion; ride sharing and a range of e-mobility solutions that will enhance a robust manufacturing cluster and infrastructure deployment resulting in job growth and investment through appropriate levels of public and private funding; technology transfer; workforce development; and policy initiatives.





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