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Prominent Aerospace Accelerator Launches in Los Angeles

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Prominent Aerospace Accelerator Launches in Los Angeles: El Segundo Lands Aerospace Innovation Magnet

LOS ANGELES— Starburst Accelerator, a prominent European aerospace innovation organization, has chosen the City of El Segundo to launch its accelerator program in the United States. This program offers aerospace startups the opportunity to engage and work with large corporations and access seed funding from venture capital investors and business angels.

Starburst Accelerator is a much-needed program in the Los Angeles County ecosystem for aerospace—helping to serve as a catalyst for innovation in current, well-established segments of the industries as well as in new and burgeoning sectors,” says David Flaks, COO, Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC). “We’re excited about this new partnership, providing aerospace startups from around the world an opportunity to locate in El Segundo and grow their businesses alongside the largest concentration of aerospace talent. This type of agglomerated, capacity-building approach is something Southern California is trying to replicate in the LAEDC’s SoCal Jobs Defense Council to further support our well-established aerospace industry cluster here.”

When asked about why they chose Los Angeles, Co-Founders of Starburst Accelerator, Francois Chopard and Van Espahbodi said, “what we love about L.A. is its strong aerospace background; the perfect blend of legacy industry and academia co-located with an emerging startup scene and new aerospace players. The El Segundo aerospace cluster is the perfect environment for launching our unique program, offering startups a wide variety of aerospace markets to grow into with immediate access to industry leaders and venture capital.

Starburst Accelerator is a fantastic addition to the aerospace prowess we have here in El Segundo,” said El Segundo Mayor Suzanne Fuentes. “Starburst’s decision to locate here is indicative of El Segundo and Los Angeles County’s national aerospace leadership with entities like Los Angeles Air Force Base, The Aerospace Corporation, Northrop Grumman, Boeing and others.”

Ben Marcus, Co-Founder of AirMap (an innovative aerospace startup in Los Angeles County) said, “we’re very supportive of Starburst Accelerator, offering us better access to leaders in industry and government as we launch our latest venture helping drone users find safe and legal airspace around them.

Starburst Accelerator is a program originally founded in Europe, now backed by many of the U.S. aerospace industry majors including airlines, government, academia and venture capital firms, all collaborating with startups and entrepreneurs dedicated to aerospace. Starburst Accelerator and its partners are seeking to work with startups focused on unmanned aerial systems; aircraft; cabin; robotics; smart sensors; materials and composites; hybrid propulsion; nano tech; simulation; additive manufacturing; predictive maintenance; data analytics; and artificial intelligence.

Starburst Accelerator offers startups with Business Development mentoring and procurement success over an 18-24 month program. Apply now and be part of the largest cluster of aerospace startups in the world. For more information please visit:

Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) is the Southern California region’s premier economic development organization, providing economic development leadership to promote a globally competitive, prosperous and growing L.A. County economy to improve the health and wellbeing of our residents and communities and enable those residents to meet their basic human need for a job. We achieve this through objective economic research and analysis, strategic assistance to government and business, and targeted public policy. Our efforts are guided and supported by the expertise and counsel of our business, government and education members and partners. Visit:


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