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Strategic Business Consulting Services – Layoff Alternatives

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black African American ethnicity frustrated woman working in stress at officeIs your business at risk of laying off employees?


Confidential consulting for businesses, at no cost,and with no obligation, performed as part of LAEDC’s non-profit, public-benefit mission.

Need to boost your bottom line, increase your ROI and contain costs simultaneously?

Although it seems like mission impossible – the LAEDC is here to help with no cost or obligation consulting services.

When local businesses face seemingly insurmountable challenges, the LAEDC’s Business Assistance team helps businesses find solutions and provides alternatives whether it be averting layoffs, containing costs, maximizing ROI or working through permitting or regulatory issues.

 *** This program is federally funded, and operated as a limited-time contract. Please contact us today to qualify.  For more information CLICK HERE

Contact Information

Call us directly at (888) 4-LAEDC-1 or via email at [email protected] for more information.

All inquiries are strictly confidential.



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