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EB-5 financing partner CanAm reaches milestone: 1,000+ investor families repaid

LAEDC’s regional center for EB-5 financing provides low-interest financing for projects throughout LA County, while giving immigrant investors a pathway to citizenship.  Today, LAEDC’s EB-5 partner, CanAm Enterprises announced a milestone — Over 1,000 investor families have been repaid 100% of their capital investment after successful financing of U.S. projects, for over $550 million.   EB-5 financing, by it’s very design creates new jobs in the region, and the CanAm / LAEDC partnership has been a win-win-win for the region; Successful development projects, new jobs, and happy immigrant families who now call the U.S. their home.

This latest project which led to the milestone, was targeted at retaining and growing jobs in the Film and Television production industry in LA County, and all 200 investor families have received permanent residency status as a result of the project’s job creation.  The EB-5 loan helped create and preserve important film production jobs in the region.

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