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CA Dept of Educ. awards $15M Career Path Grant to LACCD

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California Department of Education awarded $15M to the Career Pathways Grant for the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD). Through this project, LACCD will lead the effort to create sustained career pathways programs that link businesses, K–12 schools, and community colleges to prepare students for the 21st century workplace.

Career Pathways  Grant creates programs that provide students with specific skills and training needed in modern industries as well as help employers fill high-demand jobs created by the new economy. These college-and career-ready students are what employers need to grow the regional economies of California.

Career Pathways programs connect education to business through work-based learning that allows students to explore and experience real jobs under the mentorship of professionals in various industries. Work-based learning provides students with valuable opportunities to learn what is involved in various jobs, what kinds of skills are needed to be successful, and whether they want to pursue a similar job for a career.

For more information on the Los Angeles Community College District – click here.

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