LAEDC and SoCal Jobs Defense Council Issue Support for AB 306 to Support LAAFB

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April 27, 2015

Assemblymember David Hadley

State Capitol, Room 4102
Sacramento, CA 95814

Re:         Support for Assembly Bill (AB) 306

Dear Assemblymember Hadley:

On behalf of the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation and its SoCal Jobs Defense Council, a network of Southern California-based organizations and leaders from the business, labor, education, nonprofit, and public sectors dedicated to attracting and retaining aerospace and defense businesses and jobs in the region, please accept this letter in support of AB 306.

At the outset, we would like to commend your leadership on Aerospace and Defense (A & D) issues and for championing this important piece of legislation.  Quite simply, AB 306 aims to address an issue critical to military families stationed in California: access to education options for their children that best fit the family’s needs, even if those options are located outside of the area where the family resides.

As you know, California is a top location nationwide for aerospace and defense employment.  We have dozens of military bases throughout the state that support tens of thousands of service members—many of whom have families.  However, supporting these families by affording them with education choices for their children must be a top priority if we are to retain this talent as well as the high quality caliber of the bases here. Bases throughout California continue to be plagued by this education choice (or sometimes seen as a lack thereof) issue that faces the military members who work at these bases.  AB 306 is a simple fix to address this challenge by affording military families a real choice in the schools to which they send their children.

For all of the above reasons, we want to thank you for your efforts to address this critical issue and we also want to lend our support for AB 306.  We look forward to working with you and your office on moving this bill forward.


David Flaks, Chief Operating Officer


Norm Hickling

Co-Chair, SoCal Jobs Defense Council

Office of LA County Supervisor Mike Antonovich

cc:                    Honorable Members of the Assembly Education Committee

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