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LAEDC Issues Support for AB 213

By April 6, 2015 No Comments

April 6, 2015

Assemblymember Sebastian Ridley-Thomas

State Capitol Room 2176

Sacramento, CA 95814

Re:   Assembly Bill (AB) 213 – SUPPORT

Dear Assemblymember Ridley-Thomas:

On behalf of the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC), an organization dedicated to promoting job growth, economic expansion and preserving the overall global competitiveness of California and the Los Angeles region, we submit our support for AB 213, which requires that the California Energy Commission makes certain findings related to cost-effectiveness before mandating the use of different thresholds in LED technology.

At the LAEDC, we have long advocated for state agencies to review and streamline regulations as well as their regulatory notification and implementation processes as they relate to businesses – the creators of private sector jobs and the tax revenue generated by those jobs – by determining the effectiveness of existing regulations, eliminating unnecessary or counterproductive regulations as well as by refining overly complex, complicated regulatory processes to be more consistent in interpretation, more predictable in application and more transparent in terms of advanced notice and fair warning. The purpose is not to weaken or undermine public health, environmental or worker safety protections, but rather to make it easier for businesses to wade through and comply with the morass of complicated, duplicative, unclear, and sometimes unnecessary regulations that delay or hinder business growth and job creation.  To be sure, our goal is to increase efficiency so businesses can focus on their core operations, increase revenue and hire workers – without compromising substantive environmental quality or other public interest standards.

Unquestionably, improving California’s regulatory scheme by ensuring that new regulations are even necessary before they get to the adoption phase will make the state a more attractive place for businesses to invest and create much-needed jobs.

We look forward to continuing to work with your office, other members of the State Assembly and the entire Legislature to enact AB 213 as well as to fully implement SB 617 (Calderon/Pavley), chaptered in 2011, to analyze, rationalize and more thoughtfully promulgate regulations and enhance regulatory processes moving forward in a way where jobs are created, the state’s economy is strengthened, and our overall quality of life is preserved. In the meantime, we want to thank you for your leadership on AB 213 and to reiterate our support.


David Flaks

Chief Operating Officer


Cc:         Honorable Members of the Assembly Utilities & Commerce Committee

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