California Stewardship Network – a key partner with LAEDC

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The LAEDC values our partnership with California Stewardship Network to forward the mission of collaboration between the regions of California.  Funded through the generosity of the Morgan Family Foundation, the CSN addresses the most pressing economic, environmental and community challenges in our state.  

California Stewardship Network’s Mission

“The California Stewardship Network is an alliance of regional leaders committed to the economic, environmental and social well-being of our regions and our state. Our ongoing commitment is to grow our circle of steward leaders across California, documenting and sharing best practices and lessons learned among regions and statewide, collaborating across regions, and helping new regional stewardship team’s launch.”

While each regional team has developed its own stewardship strategy, all share a common approach. Typically these strategies include:

• Data-driven
• Effective at integrating economic, social and environmental considerations
• Innovative approach to public-private partnerships
• Successful engagement of business, education, government and community leaders
• Outcomes-driven

The teams represent the diversity of California ranging from San Diego, Los Angeles, Ventura County and the Inland Empire in the South to the Sacramento Valley, the Fresno Region, Silicon Valley and the Central Coast to the Sierra Region, Sonoma and Butte Counties and the Redwood Coast near the Oregon Border. These groups meet on a regular basis and exchange best practices and collaborate on cross-regional initiatives.


To learn more about LAEDC’s focus within CSN, click here.

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