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LAEDC Urges Support of LA Councilmember Fuentes Motion to Prepare BDCP Comments

By June 4, 2014 No Comments

June 4, 2014:                         

The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) Chief Operating Officer, David Flaks, submits the following statement into record in support of Item One (Fuentes) on the agenda at the City of Los Angeles Energy and Environment Committee on June 4, 2014:

“The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC), an organization dedicated to promoting job growth, economic expansion and preserving the overall global competitiveness of Los Angeles County, urges the City of Los Angeles Energy and Environment Committee to proceed with the motion from Councilmember Fuentes on preparing comments on the Bay Delta Conservation Plan Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement.  We look forward to working with Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, Honorable Members of the Los Angeles City Council, and other stakeholders on the preparation of balanced comments that are in accord with our long-standing position, as described below.

The LAEDC has been a long-time supporter of developing a portfolio of solutions to address our water needs within the Los Angeles County region.  Top on this list has been the development of more local water supplies (such as stormwater capture, groundwater replenishment, water recycling, and storage), which will reduce our overall reliance on imported water.  Diversifying our portfolio locally—as well as statewide—is critical to maintaining and growing a robust economy.  And with over 25% of LA County’s water supply coming from the Delta, we must engage in a twofold solution (simultaneously): securing the Delta water supply while also developing additional local water supplies.

With seven-plus years of planning already spent on the BDCP, it is critically important that we get to the ‘doing’ phase of this long-term planning exercise to ensure a safe, reliable, and affordable supply of water for our residents, businesses, and communities for generations.”