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CSUN confers Honorary Doctorate on Bill Allen of LAEDC

By May 22, 2014 No Comments

California State University confers an Honorary 
Doctor of Humane Letters on LAEDC CEO Bill Allen


Bill Allen CSUN Honorary Doctorate 5.22.14

CSUN President Dianne Harrison places the ceremonial hood on Bill Allen

California State University conferred an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters on LAEDC CEO Bill Allen at today’s Commencement ceremony of the David Nazarian School of Business and Economics at California State University, Northridge.  Previous CSU honorary degree recipients conferred at prior CSUN commencement ceremonies have included Michael Eisner, David Fleming and Dolores Huerta. 

Read what CSUN President Dianne Harrison said about Mr. Allen HERE at CSUN’s website.



In Mr. Allen’s address to the graduates he said…

 Thank you, President Harrison, members of the Board of Trustees,  Provost Hellenbrand, Dean Lord, and members of the Faculty and staff of this great university for so generously conferring upon me this Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters. Any modest contributions I may have made to this university’s progress in implementing its noble mission over the past 20 years have been an honor and a privilege for me to offer as I see this campus, and all those who bring it to life each day, as the very heart of this valley I have lived in and loved for 56 years.


It is particularly meaningful for me to be able to share this day with my wife Marie, our children Bradley, Bobby and Amanda, so many of our dear friends and colleagues who are here with us, and frankly with all of you as this day is truly about you the graduates of California State University Northridge.


You represent the future, and as I look out and see you all shining together, the future looks very bright to me. You have all overcome obstacles to get to this moment, you have set goals, worked hard and persevered to achieve them, and yet none of you have done it alone. Your families, friends and even some complete strangers have helped you reach this milestone in your life. And I assure you that others will need your help to achieve similar goals in the future. Whether they are your own family members or close friends or even complete strangers to you, I sincerely hope you will help them up the ladder you have so successfully climbed. The future of our community, our economy, and our democracy all depend on it.


You celebrate today the completion of one phase of your lives, but also more importantly the commencement of the next. Whether your dream is to be an entrepreneur or an accountant or a financier or an economist or something completely different, you have dramatically upped the odds of your success by earning your degree. And the value of that degree is only going to go up throughout your lifetimes.


What you have learned here, including how to learn, and hopefully the love of learning, will make your lives more interesting, your careers more successful, and your dreams more attainable.

In this ever faster moving world in which we all live, I urge each of you to take a moment and look around you and see the support system you have in your own families and friends, and in this Matador family.   Be grateful for it, be proud of it, and live lives that honor it.   Be bold but be smart, take risks but be ethical, be courageous not foolish.   Strive for excellence but also for meaning.   Don’t ever stop trying and don’t ever stop learning.   You are our future.    We are proud of you and we are counting on you.      God bless you all.