California's Energy Efficiency Programs Offer Valuable Lessons

By July 29, 2013 No Comments

The NRDC has published a fact sheet that highlights the economic and pollution reduction benefits California has been able to create due to its commitment to energy efficiency policy. The fact sheet shows how “the state’s integrated effort to support research and development of new efficient technologies, utility programs that help consumers lower their bills, and minimum standards that ensure new buildings and appliances are not energy-guzzlers have been a resounding win for California.”

Over the past few decades, California has been able to:

  • Save residents and businesses more than $65 billion
  • Make household electric bills 25 percent lower than the national average
  • Create a more productive economy, generating twice as much economic output for every kilowatt-hour consumed compared to the rest of the country
  • Decrease utility bills for millions of low-income households
  • Cut as much climate-warming carbon pollution as is spewed from 5 million cars annually

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