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Los Angeles International Airport

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Los Angeles County is home to the world’s leading origin-and-destination airport, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), as well as a network of other, smaller regional airports.   The LAEDC supports efforts to modernize L.A. County’s regional aviation system and its principal airport, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), including providing for better customer experience, improved safety, and increased operational efficiency.

The LAEDC recommends taking the following action at the local level:

  • Increase the number of U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents at LAX to boost the international traveling experience and increase throughput into the L.A. economy.
  • Accelerate the Specific Plan Amendment Study (SPAS) process to expand capabilities of LAX to conveniently and safely accommodate the forecasted increase in air cargo and passenger traffic.

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What’s Next?:

The County of Los Angeles Airport Land Use Commission has a critical meeting on September 11, 2013 to decide on land use compatibility issues surrounding the Specific Plan Amendment Study for LAX.  See LAEDC’s statement on the issue here.

(Last updated September 9, 2013)