Upcoming Smart Grid Events and News from the Resnick Sustainability Institute at Caltech

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EVENT: The Smart Grid: A Road Guide to Smart Choices for the Technology Entrepreneur


The Resnick Sustainability Institute’s First Look West (FLOW) Program presents a free event to learn about potential entrepreneurial opportunities related to Smart Grid and the innovations that are helping to develop the future grid.

Keynote speaker:

David L. Mead: Senior VP, Transmission & Distribution, Southern California Edison


Michael D. Orosz, Ph.D.: Assistant Director, Decision Systems Group, Information Sciences Institute, Viterbi School of Engineering, USC


Steven Low: Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Caltech

Marcelo Di Paolo: Smart Grid Manager, LADWP

Fred Fletcher: Assistant General Manager of Power Supply, Burbank Water and Power


EVENT: GRID 2020 Discusion/Webex: Transactive Energy & Distributed Markets


This seminar will discuss current developments and future direction of markets for distributed energy resources. Achieving full value potential from distributed resources will require expansion of economic transactions through new market opportunities. The speakers are experts at the forefront of shaping centralized and distributed market design, technologies and policy for DER integration. Lunch Provided. Join us live or via WebEx (Link will be posted on the Resnick Sustainability Institute website).


John Ledyard: Allen and Lenabelle Davis Professor of Economics and Social Sciences, Caltech

Dr. Joe Wharton: Principle, The Brattle Group

Heather Sanders: Director of Policy and StrategY, California Independent System Operator

Prashanth Duvoor: Product Lead, Decentralized Energy Management Systems, Siemens Smart Grid Division

About the Series:

The GRID 2020 Discussion Series focuses on critical topics identified in the recent Resnick Report, “Grid 2020, Toward a Policy of Renewable & Distributed Energy Resources.”

We will be holding discussions through the academic year. Discussions are open to all.