PROFILE: Caltech Office of Technology Transfer

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“In the last 10 years OTT licensing efforts have resulted in 40 to 50 patent licenses per year and OTT fosters start-up companies at a rate of about 8 per year; a very high number in view of the small size of the university.”

The Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) at California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is responsible for the licensing and the transfer of technologies from Caltech and Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to the commercial sector, so that the public can directly benefit from the ingenuity and creativity of our outstanding researchers. Specifically, OTT assists the faculty with intellectual property, evaluates inventions, manages the Caltech/JPL patent portfolio, negotiates technology licenses and assists entrepreneurs with the creation of startups.

OTT Services for Innovators include:

  • Evaluating your inventions for commercial potential, and securing patent protection.
  • Assisting you with starting new companies to bring your inventions to market.
  • Negotiating license agreements with industry to ensure the appropriate development and commercialization of your technologies.
  • Attracting industry partners to further develop your discoveries and inventions.
  • Negotiating material transfer (MTA) and non-disclosure (NDA) agreements to enable the sharing of materials and confidential information between collaboration partners

Patent Search at OTT

  • Search the Caltech/JPL patent portfolio

Past/Current Startups

  • Caltech has been extremely active in the formation of technology start-up companies wholly or partly based on technology developed at Caltech and JPL.

“Caltech has received equity in more than 80 companies since OTT was founded in 1995.”

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