UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability includes various research areas with a focus on critical environmental challenges including climate change, air and water quality, biodiversity and conservation, energy, coastal and water resources, urban sustainability, corporate sustainability and environmental economics. Much of this research is supported and coordinated by the Institute’s seven research centers, which include the following:

  1. Center for Air Pollution and Exposure
  2. Center for Climate Change Solutions
  3. Coastal Center
  4. Center for Corporate Environmental Performance
  5. La Kretz Center for California Conservation Science
  6. Center for Tropical Research
  7. California Center for Sustainable Communities
  8. White Mountain Research Center 

UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability offers an Environmental Science Bachelor of Science Degree, an Environmental Systems and Society minor, and an Education for Sustainable Living Program.  At the graduate level, there si a Leaders in Sustainability Graduate Certificate and an Environmental Science and Engineering degree.

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