The John T. Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies at CalPoly Pomona works to “advance the principles of environmentally sustainable living through education, research, demonstration and community outreach.”  The Center offers a Master of Science in Regenerative Studies and a minor program for undergraduates.

The Lyle Center is currently pursuing the following research initiatives:

The BioMethane Initiative for the university sets forth the following three goals:

  1. “Establish a biomethane purification testing and demonstration facility to support  research and development of purification technology and provide independent testing of purification technology for large-scale operations.”
  2. “Contribute to our understanding of the environmental impact of biomethane utilization, including greenhouse gas emissions, life-cycle analysis of purified biomethane, and other potential environmental consequences.”
  3. “Further our understanding of economic impacts of biomethane development in California, including cost effectiveness of technology, impact on state and local economy, and statewide availability of biomethane from various sources.”

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