Located in Norwalk, Cerritos College offers the Alternative Fuels Service Technician certificate program and an automotive service technology associate degree program through its Advanced Transportation Technology & Energy Center (ATTE), funded in part by the state of California to promote alternative fuel vehicles and alternative fuel sources.

The Alternative Fuels Service Technician is a 34-unit program that consists of the following courses:

  • AUTo 54 Introduction to Electric Vehicles 4
  • AUTo 55 Advanced Technology Electric Vehicles 3
  • AUTo 100 Automotive Maintenance and operation 4
  • AUTo 108 Energy and Transportation Systems 4
  • AUTo 109 Automotive Diesel Systems 5
  • AUTo 160 Automotive Electricity 5
  • AUTo 182 Introduction to Alternative Fuels 3
  • AUTo 281 Emission Control Systems – 1997 Standards 5

See data for enrollment and success rates in Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall semesters in 2012 in Cerritos College’s Automotive Technology Program (specific information on Alternative Fuels Service Technician not readily available).

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