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LA County Profile on Commuting Patterns

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Commuting Patterns From the U.S. Census ACS 2009-2011:

  • 93.1% of Los Angeles County residents also work in Los Angeles County; 4.1 % commute to Orange County, 1.3% to the Inland Empire, 0.8% to Ventura County, 0.1% to San Diego County and 0.4% to some other place.
  • Getting to and from work:  72.2% of Los Angeles residents drive alone, 11.0% carpool and 7.2% use public transportation.
  • The percentage of workers 16 and over in Los Angeles County households with no access to a car, truck or van was 4.7%.  The percentage of households with one vehicle available was 23.4%, those with access to two vehicles was 38.0% and those with access to three or more vehicles was 33.8%.