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Santa Monica College Offers State-Subsidized Employer Training Program

By February 11, 2013 No Comments

Santa Monica College is providing a State-Subsidized Employer Training Program for workers across Los Angeles County.  This training program can be used by employers in a variety of industries and of various sizes.

For more information on this program, please see the following documents:

Santa Monica College State Program Priority Industries
SMC Manufacturing Training Flyer
SMC State Training Program Eligibility
SMC State-funded Workfoce Training Program small size
SMC Workplace ESL Flyer

State-Funded Employer Training Eligibility Requirements

1) Employer must have a CEAN or CA Employer Account Number. This can be found on any EDD document. It is different from the EIN (Tax ID). This number is issued when a company process W-2 employees. 1099 independent contractors are not eligible.

2) Employer may be subject to “out-of-state” competition (this eliminates extremely large companies with offices in other cities)

3) Employer must be able to commit at least 18 students to a minimum of 8 hours of training (for companies with less than 100 employees) or a minimum of 24 hours of training (for companies with more than 100 employees). If an employer can not meet the 18 student minimum, it may combine classes with another eligible employer to fill the room. However, the employer is responsible for organizing this logistic, not SMC.

4) Only employees who make a minimum of $15.70/HR (including value of all benefits) may participate. (Minimum wage requirement may increase depending on industry sector)

5) Employer must retain employees for a minimum of 90 days after their training period ends.

6) State and City agencies are not eligible. Some non-profits are. (Case by case basis)
Note: Other restrictions may apply depending on employer industry sector.