Film and TV Production Tax Credit

By January 13, 2013 No Comments

California offers a state income/sales and use tax credit for “qualified motion pictures.”


20-25% tax credit on qualified motion pictures.


Qualified motion pictures eligible for 20% tax credit:
• Feature Films ($1 million minimum – $75 million maximum production budget)
• Movies of the week or miniseries ($500,000 minimum production budget)
• New television series licensed for original distribution on basic cable ($1 million minimum budget; one-half hour shows and other exclusions apply)

Qualified motion pictures eligible for 25% tax credit:
• A television series that filmed all of its prior seasons outside of California
• An “independent film” ($1 million total production budget – $10 million qualified expenditure budget that is produced by a company that is not publicly traded and that publicly traded companies that do not own more that 25% of the producing company.)

For more information, go here.