Implementation of the new 2016-2020 Los Angeles County Strategic Plan for Economic Development starts in January 2016.

This Strategic Plan is ambitious, and for good reason. An unprecedented economic transition is underway, and we all need to row together to navigate the changing tide. Together, we, in the broader LA County community, have the “know-how” to make meaningful progress on the seven goals of this plan, improving standards of living for more of our neighbors and resulting in more widely shared prosperity.  However, it will clearly require shared responsibility, added capacity and coordinated action by many organizations and individuals, inside and outside of government.

Measuring Success

Many metrics for success have been identified, and as the implementation period begins in January 2016, a more detailed set of metrics will be identified so that we can benchmark our future progress.  If you have data or metrics available to contribute or can assist in this process, your help is requested via an email to [email protected]. The LAEDC’s LA County Strategic Plan team, along with designated goal champions and relevant participants, will review and report on the progress made at the end of each calendar year, highlighting milestones and progress made against established benchmarks.

Request a Speaker or Webinar

If your organization wants to hear more about the Strategic Plan and its implementation to support the process, LAEDC can coordinate a speaker. Contact [email protected]

Endorse the Strategic Plan and Engage Your Elected Officials

For an effective effort, we need to spread the word about the Strategic Plan. Ask pubic, nonprofit, community, labor, faith-based, education, business or other stakeholders to advance the strategies and tactics developed in support of this vital work. As more people engage, more will be accomplished. Use the endorsement forms, shareable links and resources on this website.

More details will be coming soon about roles for interested organizations, and how they can contribute to adoption and success of this plan.



During the implementation of the original 2010-2014 Strategic Plan, the LAEDC advanced initiaitives in support of its goals.  A few quick examples are:

LAEDC 2012-2013 Policy Booklet

Model Filming Ordinance

SoCal Jobs Defense Council

E4 Mobility Alliance