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The LAEDC’s LA Jobs Defense Council mission is to maintain and grow the aerospace industry in the greater Los Angeles region and, in doing so, support the thousands of businesses, hundreds of thousands of workers, countless families and entire communities throughout the region that depend on a thriving and expanding aerospace industry.

Goals for 2014:

  1. Resolve the Imbalance Between the Demand for Skilled Aerospace Talent and its Supply
    • Partner with workforce system players to develop and implement relevant job training and intermediary programs
    • Connect aerospace employers with local community colleges, Cal State Universities, and other local 4-year colleges and universities to develop and operationalize workforce training programs
  2. Improve the Regulatory, Labor, and Tax Cost Landscape for Aerospace Businesses
    • Develop and advocate for recommendations to structure and focus local, county and state tax and/or other incentives to better support our aerospace and other defense-related industries
    • Advocate for reasonable flexibility on certain regulations that inhibit growth, worker productivity and efficient running of a business without providing comparable benefits to workers and/or the environment
  3. Increase the Number of “Export-ready” Aerospace Supplier Firms
    • Engage our research institutions, universities and other stakeholders in efforts to advance innovation and, in doing so, increase the export capacities of our local aerospace, analytical instrument and defense-related sectors
    • Provide market research that helps increase business development capacities at local firms
    • Introduce firms to proven, effective export and procurement service programs
  4. Grow and Deploy “Red Carpet” to Provide Rapid Assistance to Aerospace Businesses
    • Encourage high-level decision makers and elected officials to reach out to aerospace firms and bring resources to bear on mitigating any challenges they might have
    • Increase public visibility of the aerospace industry’s concerns, challenges, and major opportunities
  5. Position our Region to Secure Aerospace Programs and Contracts
    • Mobilize regional stakeholders to effectively compete for major government procurement and private contract opportunities
  6. Promote the Preeminence of Our Region’s Aerospace Industry
    • Create value propositions that highlight and tell the story about the region’s strengths in aerospace and defense
    • Ensure significant representation at global aerospace industry conferences, forums and events