Policy & Initiatives

The LAEDC is actively engaged in policy efforts that support our mission to grow, attract and retain jobs in the regions of Los Angeles County.


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Key initiatives:

LAJDC logo_1.31.14 The LA Jobs Defense Council is working to grow, attract, and retain aerospace jobs and investment in the region.
 LAEDC E4 MOBILITY LOGO long  The e4Mobility Alliance is working to promote and further develop Southern California as the leader in alternative transportation including maximizing plug-in electric, natural gas and fuel cell vehicle adoption rates; fleet conversion; ride sharing and a range of e-mobility solutions that will enhance a robust manufacturing cluster and infrastructure deployment resulting in job growth and investment through appropriate levels of public and private funding; technology transfer; workforce development; and policy initiatives.
Strategic Advisory Committeesindustrialland infrastructure policygroup water workforce worldtrade  The LAEDC’s Strategic Advisory Committees set and implement the LA County Strategic Plan for Economic Development and the LAEDC’s public policy initiatives.
 LAEDC Better Business Logo FINAL  The LAEDC Better Business Webinar Series is a joint effort between Public Policy and Business Assistance to help bring relevant and timely issues to the attention of the business community that can help improve individual business operations through knowledge sharing.
The LAEDC helped facilitate the first-ever, consensus-built Strategic Plan for Economic Development for Los Angeles County, which brought together over 1,080 stakeholders and has been unanimously endorsed by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and 84 out of the County’s 88 cities.