Economic and Policy Analysis Group

About the Economic and Policy Analysis Group

The Economic and Policy Analysis Group (EPAG) provides highly-regarded in-depth and objective economic and policy analysis for public and private entities in order to foster informed decision-making and strategic planning.

EPAG offers critical, sensitive and relevant commissioned research and analysis customized to suit client needs. The degree of specialization distinguishes EPAG from other economic analysis groups. EPAG is well known for our commitment and dedication to our clients and for providing extremely focused and value-based assistance.

EPAG offers unique customization by using state-of-the-art technology and software to conduct our extensive research and analysis, including both custom and standard geospatial analysis using ArcGIS mapping from ESRI, the Business Analyst Online (BAO) platform, data and software from MIG, Inc., as well as a variety of public and private data sources as needed. These tools and others enable EPAG to provide extensive and in-depth research and analysis to assist clients in their decision-making processes.

Selected reports that are illustrative of EPAG’s broad depth and experience are listed below. These are just a sampling of the services provided by EPAG. Not all reports are publicly available due to confidentiality and client requirements.

More reports produced by the Economic and Policy Analysis Group can be found here.

EPAG’s goal is to provide objective and unparalleled economic and policy expertise to our clients. If you have any questions about EPAG or would like more information on how we can best assist you, please email , download our brochure, or call (213) 236-4840. We look forward to hearing from you.