The LAEDC has several Strategic Advisory Committees that work to implement the various goals and objectives of the Los Angeles County Strategic Plan for Economic Development.

Committee Calendar

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Committee List

Business Friendly Committee

Mission: To examine issues, catalog best management practices, and develop strategic initiatives that create and promote an environment which is welcoming to businesses as necessary to retain and expand Los Angeles County’s existing job base while pro-actively attracting new businesses, industries, jobs and investment critical to sustained economic growth.  

Public Policy Committee

Mission: To examine issues, catalog best management practices and develop, support and advance policies that improve California’s economic competitiveness.

Past Meeting Topics/Guest Presenters:

Additional Information: Membership of LAEDC’s committees and subgroups are open to members of the LAEDC.  Go here for membership details.  

Green Economy Committee

Mission: To develop a “road map” for building a robust, global, export-orientated clean tech sector in LA County. The committee will look to identify and capitalize on green business opportunities, create and promote strategies to incubate and attract green companies and jobs to the region, and make recommendations to remove regulatory, policy and other barriers to growth in the clean tech sector.

Past Meeting Topics/Guest Presenters: Feed-in Tariffs Mary Nichols, Chairman, California Air Resources Board California Air Resources Board Cap and Trade Program Waste-to-Energy Technology Greening the Los Angeles Economy West Coast Electric Highway Additional Information:  Meetings occur for the Green Economic Committee on an ad hoc basis. Membership of LAEDC’s committees and subgroups are open to members of the LAEDC.  Go here for membership details.

Workforce Development Committee

Mission: This committee develops strategic programs and system-wide policy recommendations ensuring the availability of good jobs with career ladders, and that the industries which drive our region’s economy have enough qualified workers to meet their workforce attraction, development and retention needs.  Join the DiscussionPast Meeting Topics/Guest Presenters: Teach for America Workforce Investment Act Reauthorization Long Beach College Promise Addressing Shortages in Healthcare Professions   Workforce Development Committee Data and Analysis:

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Infrastructure Committee

Mission: To advance policies that improve infrastructure (e.g., transportation, water, goods movement, aviation, civic and public service buildings) planning, development, funding, delivery, and management processes as well as to ensure that critical infrastructure in L.A. County and throughout Southern California is adequately maintained, financed, and funded in a way that supports a stronger economy, a higher quality of life, a healthier environment, and shared prosperity throughout Los Angeles County. Join the Discussion

Past Meeting Topics/Guest Presenters:

  • Getting Transit into LAX
  • California Infrastructure & Economic Development Bank
  • Senator Alex Padilla, Author, SB 867 (Build California Bonds)
  • Advancing Public Private Partnerships
  • America Fast Forward & 30/10
  • Breaking Down Barriers

Additional Information:  Meetings occur several times a year for the LAEDC Infrastructure Committee. Membership of LAEDC’s committees and subgroups are open to members of the LAEDC.  Go here for membership details.

This committee also has an Aviation Subgroup and a Water subgroup  

Employment Land Committee

industriallandMission: To grow the region’s base of employment land-by maintaining our existing jobs-producing land base and by also advocating for innovative policies that increase the number and size of parcels that can be used for “industrial” purposes, to strengthen our region’s capacity to retain and attract high-value businesses and the jobs they create.

Past Meeting Topics/Guest Presenters: Fiscalization of Land Use Metro’s Transit-Oriented Development Program SB 375/Sustainable Communities Strategy CEQA Reform Hollywood Community Plan Los Angeles County Industrial Land Preservation Policies Clean Tech Corridor Best Practices in Industrial Land

Additional Information: Go here for policy efforts related to industrial land.  

Membership of LAEDC’s committees and subgroups are open to members of the LAEDC and invited guests only. Go here for membership details. If you are already a member and would like to get involved, please contact Kathie Wong at [email protected]

Initiatives List (open to members and non-members)

e4Mobility Alliance

The e4Mobility Alliance is working to promote and further develop Southern California as the leader in advanced transportation including maximizing plug-in electric, natural gas and fuel cell vehicle adoption rates; fleet conversion; ride sharing and a range of e-mobility solutions that will enhance a robust manufacturing cluster and infrastructure deployment resulting in job growth and investment through appropriate levels of public and private funding; technology transfer; workforce development; and policy initiatives. To get involved, contact [email protected].