Why L.A. County

L.A. County has one of the largest and most diverse and dynamic economies in the world.

  • $544 billion economy
  • Nearly 10 million people and nearly 4 million employees
  • #1 International Trade Center in the U.S.
    • Los Angeles Customs District handled $387 billion in two-way trade (2011)
    • L.A. is home to the nation’s busiest origin and destination airport – the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
    • The Ports of Los Angeles & Long Beach are the nation’s busiest ports, handling 14 million TEUs in 2011
  • #1 Manufacturing Center in the U.S.
  • Entertainment Capital of the World
  • Leader in Fashion Design, Manufacturing & Wholesaling with Over 87,000 Employees
  • Highly Trained & Educated Workforce
    • 121 accredited institutions that confer associates, bachelors, and graduate degrees
    • Well-trained engineering workforce from technical design and production industries, including aerospace, architectural engineering and auto design
    • World-class research universities: California Institute of Technology (Caltech), University of California- Los Angeles, and University of Southern California
  • More than 4,500 foreign-owned and -affiliated business establishments
  • 14 Well-Established, Traded Industry Clusters & 5 Local Industry Clusters
  • Leading Tourist Destination With 26.9 Million Overnight Visitors in 2011 & Direct Spending of $15.2 Billion
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