Strategic Advisory Committees

The LAEDC has several Strategic Advisory Committees that work to implement the various goals and objectives of the Los Angeles County Strategic Plan for Economic Development.


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The LA Jobs Defense Council works to attract, retain, and grow aerospace companies and investment in Los Angeles County. The group meets weekly. To get involved, contact [email protected]



The e4Mobility Allianceis working to promote and further develop Southern California as the leader in alternative transportation including maximizing plug-in electric, natural gas and fuel cell vehicle adoption rates; fleet conversion ride sharing and a range of e-mobility solutions that will enhance a robust manufacturing cluster and infrastructure deployment resulting in job growth and investment through appropriate levels of public and private funding; technology transfer; workforce development; and policy initiatives.


Membership of LAEDC’s committees and subgroups are open to members of the LAEDC and invited guests only. Go here for membership details.

If you are already a member and would like to get involved, please contact Misha Houser, LAEDC’s Assistant Program Manager, at [email protected]