The regional economy, like the global economy, is going through a rapid and unprecedented change.  The Information Age and accompanying technology revolution are dramatically affecting the job market and skills requirements, as well as driving change in our key industry clusters which act as economic engines.  What will the jobs of tomorrow look like, and will enough good jobs be created in our region?  There is great opportunity to foster growth of the LA County economy, but we must successfully navigate these complex changes.  LAEDC’s role is to develop and implement initiatives in our regional economy to address these changes and foster a strong regional economy.  Simply put, our purpose is to raise standards of living for all L.A. County residents by increasing economic opportunity and regional prosperity.

The LAEDC is a private, non-profit 501c3 with a public-benefit mission.  We believe L.A. County’s future prosperity is about our people. It’s about parents looking across the dinner table, knowing they are able to provide for their families. It’s about students learning the right skills to build careers in  growing industries. And it’s about job creation, which sets a foundation for healthy families and thriving equitable communities.  At the LAEDC, we work to make all these things happen.

Since 1981, the LAEDC has worked to attract, retain and grow businesses and quality jobs for the 10 million residents of L.A. County, its 88 cities and 100+ unincorporated communities. Our free business assistance and attraction programs, economic research and analysis, real estate advisory services, trade and investment assistance, public policy analysis, and support of emerging growth and innovation industries helps create the jobs of tomorrow and gives critical support to the  industries driving L.A. today.  And we continually improve our region’s ability to compete and succeed globally.

LAEDC members and partners include our region’s most influential corporate employers, philanthropic organizations and non-profits, county and city governments, research institutes, and leading colleges and universities. Together, we improve the skills and knowledge base of the L.A. workforce, address the issues affecting business growth, and set the greater L.A. region on a sustainable path of job creation and vitality, as a force in the world economy.

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The LAEDC believes in the Triple Bottom Line: economic strength, environmental sustainability and shared equity and prosperity.  In support of the Triple Bottom Line, LAEDC is a partner in the California Stewardship Network.